How Come Good People Cheat?

By       -   August 1st, 2019

How Come Good People Cheat?

Dan Marino, Hall of Fame quarterback, spouse of 28 years and champ of autism understanding, cheated on their spouse and fathered kid in 2005 by having a CBS worker. Marino has long been regarded as a family man that is clean-cut. Along with four kiddies, he adopted two daughters, and for that reason of increasing their own son that is autistic developed the Dan Marino Autism Center.

Discovering that he cheated and fathered a child begs the age old concerns: how do somebody apparently so excellent take action so very bad? Can good people cheat? Data differ, however it’s thought that 50 % of men cheat. During my own research of over 400 ladies, 39 % admitted to physically cheating on the husbands. Read More

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