ORAL SEX: WHAT IS IT?Oral Intercourse – Concerns and Responses

By       -   November 4th, 2019

ORAL SEX: WHAT IS IT?Oral Intercourse – Concerns and Responses

Oral intercourse relates to dental ( tongue and mouth) stimulation of this genitals or other body parts. Fellatio describes stimulation that is oral of penis; cunnilingus relates to dental stimulation associated with vulva (the external an element of the vagina). Anilingus relates to dental stimulation of this anal orifice also referred to as “rimming” or anal oral sex.

The penis is probably the most painful and sensitive during the tip, or glans, such as the frenulum (y-shaped area), the underside associated with the penis in which the glans satisfies the shaft. The bottom ridge for the glans or perhaps the corona can also be extremely sensitive and painful.

The the main vulva this is certainly often stimulated during oral intercourse is named the clitoris. It’s a little, circular swelling of muscle concerning the measurements of a switch, just above the genital opening, and it is very responsive to touch due to the big community of nerve endings. The glans that are clitoral included in a bonnet if not stimulated or whenever highly stimulated. Read More

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