Electronic wastes_b

U.S., China Top Dumping Of Electronic Waste; Little Recycled

By       -   February 5th, 2016

The United States and China contributed most to record mountains of electronic waste such as cell phones, hair dryers and fridges in 2014 and less than a sixth ended up recycled worldwide. Read More

Iraq OPEC Producer_b

Despite Its War With ISIS, Iraq Is Still The Fourth Largest OPEC Producer

By       -   January 18th, 2016

Iraq has suffered heavily from the global decline in oil prices. A year ago, the government pulled in about $300 million per day in revenue. Now it’s down to roughly $240 million a day. Read More


For Volkswagen, Costs Of Scandal Could Be $34 Billion

By       -   January 4th, 2016

For Volkswagen, the cost of its cheating on emissions tests in the U.S. is likely to run into the tens of billions of dollars and prematurely end its long-sought status as the world’s biggest carmaker. Read More

Purify Wastewater_b

New Tech To Purify Wastewater In 2.5 Minutes

By       -   December 12th, 2015

A Mexican firm claims to have developed a new technique that can recover and purify sea and waste water in just two and a half minutes, regardless of the content of pollutants and microorganisms. Read More


From iphone To icar: Apple Is Moving Forward With Big A Target.

By       -   November 28th, 2015

Apple Inc. has revolutionized music and phones. Now it is aiming at a much bigger target: automobiles. Read More


Airbag Manufacturers Ramping Up Production In India!

By       -   November 17th, 2015

In India, a person is killed in a road accident every four minutes – 141,000 in 2014 – yet less than a third of the 2.6 million cars sold each year have air bags in this cost-conscious market. Read More

Mark zuckerberg_b

Mark Zuckerberg, Youngest Self Made Billionaire In The World (Under 35)

By       -   November 5th, 2015

Facebook Co-Founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is the wealthiest individual under the age of 35, with a personal fortune of USD 41.6 billion. Read More

Drug factories from Berlin to Beijing_b

GE Develops & Ships Ready-Made Drug Factories From Berlin To Beijing

By       -   November 4th, 2015

General Electric shipped its first pre-made biopharmaceutical factory from Germany to China, which was assembled in 11 days.  Read More


The Rise Of The Amazon Stock Takes Jeff Bezos From The 13th Richest To All The Way Up At 3rd Richest Man In America

By       -   October 24th, 2015

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now the third richest billionaire in the United States after his company’s stock soared on Thursday. Read More


Tesla Launches Tesla Energy: Plan To Power Homes With Rechargeable Battery

By       -   October 24th, 2015

Tesla Motors has unveiled Tesla Energy, which is a collection of rechargeable batteries that can be used to power up homes, businesses and utilities. Read More

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